When I first meet people, and the question comes up, “So what do you do?” there is always an odd mix of fascination and morbid curiosity as my new friends try to wrap their minds around the fact that I seem so “normal” yet, at the same time they try to picture me handling dead bodies. And even that is so unsettling that the conversation usually proceeds in one of two ways – either ending abruptly in awkward silence while they picture me looming over the dead like some kind of grim reaper, or eager curiosity as they realize for the first time that they can ask me anything they want about the normally taboo subjects of death, dying, cadavers, and the grim silence that one can only find hanging in a room filled with the dead.

Eventually, someone will ask, “Why do you do it?” This is truly my passion, my heart and soul are ingrained in preparing the dead with respect and honoring them through the loved ones left behind. The slippery slope of handling the strongest of emotions at the worst of times, I am proud of my strength and ability to help you through such a terrible time. Ever since I first spoke with a funeral director and learned about the details of his job, I knew it was my calling. I love everything, from preparing the bodies of your loved ones, to helping you plan the services, to running the services, and then helping you find a pathway forward. I’m very well aware that my job requires me to do things that most people would find abhorrent, but I still can’t imagine doing any other job and enjoying it as much as this.