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We are in a digital age where anyone can share a message publicly to a really broad audience. I am so glad to be able to share my stories with the world and even more glad to know that I am not alone in speaking to the public about death and being a funeral director. There are so many misconceptions about the death industry and now is the time to talk about it. Below are links to some other incredible funeral directors who are making a positive impact on social media in talking about the death industry in very real ways.

Kari Northey: Kari’s videos are incredibly informative and creative. She explains what procedures take place at the funeral home after someone has died. She talks about how the body is prepared, explains the laws and rules governing what can and cannot happen with a dead body and talks about uncomfortable subjects like embalming a pregnant woman. She answers questions from you in detail and has live discussions, giving you the opportunity to Interact with her in real time.

Little Miss Funeral: Also known as Lauren LeRoy. Lauren’s videos are so much fun to watch! She takes you on a journey through her days at the funeral home and talks about some of the things she experiences as a funeral director and mother. Her videos are fun and informative. She also has a fabulous sense of style!

Confessions of a funeral director: Caleb Wilde has taken the industry in a very personally way. As a sixth generation funeral director he grew up in and around the funeral home. He has written a book called “Confessions of a Funeral Director” which outlines his journey as a director in a family owned firm. This short video introducing his book and it’s purpose peeks behind the curtain just enough to understand his message.

Undertaking The Podcast: Brian and Ryan host a podcast where they talk about all things funeral. They take us through journeys regarding the funeral industry broaching many subjects surrounding the day to day tasks of being a funeral director. Both work in funeral homes in Indiana. They have successfully brought us information and interviewed many people in the industry including Thomas Lynch. They bring us on their road trips and attend funeral conventions and they are the catalyst for raising funds for the Kenya embalming project in conjunction with Fund the Funeral. Their podcasts are never a disappointment and always include a rabbit hole or two.

The Grave Woman: Joe’l Anthony tackles the subject of being a funeral director in her videos. She answers questions that we are all curious about during the day in the life a funeral director. Her videos clearly explain subjects most people know little about like burial at sea.

Cold Hands Hosts: Monica Torres has been a front runner in the funeral industry for many years now. She owns a trade service called NXT Generation Mortuary Support which is a service in teaching advanced embalming skills, desairology (mortuary makeup) and more. Her videos are instructional and informative.

Ask a Mortician: Caitlyn Doughty has been speaking about death in really big ways. She is a huge supporter of home funerals, natural burial and speaks out about how important it is to talk about death. She has written two books “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” and “From Here to Eternity”. She has traveled the world experiencing and researching other death customs. She has recently posted videos where she partnered with Cold Hands Hosts Monica Torres proving that traditional funerals and natural funerals both have a place in this industry. She owns Undertaking LA, a funeral home located in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to natural funerals and death care.

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