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  • Remember them

    Remember them

    This is a story that I recall every Memorial Day. It is heartbreaking but forces us to remember the veterans who struggled with injuries both physical and emotional and ended up in unfortunate circumstances. Some of our veterans have died alone and dejected. Today, let’s remember all of them. I went on a first call. […]

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  • Hiatus

    What does a funeral director, author, blogger do when taking a hiatus from writing? Starts a business, nurses her husband back to health after an accident, has a couple of book signings, stays by the old dogs side after a couple of ER visits, trains an employee for the new business and works in the […]

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  • Safe!


    Surviving the 2008 Atlanta, GA tornado.

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  • Behind these doors

    Behind these doors

    I do solemnly swear by that which I hold most sacred…

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