Speaking of the dead


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An in-depth look through the eyes of a mortician during the most emotional time in people’s lives. Walk in her footsteps during heartbreaking, unpleasant and sometimes funny events that happens when dealing with the dead and their families.

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  1. Hi Chelsea, I’m friends with Nicole Woodland, she told me about this book and I knew I wanted to read it. Have you thought about marketing it to Hospice companies? I used to work for one and I think it might be helpful. Just a thought. 🙂 The quote I read was absolutely beautiful and touching. I think it’s great that you wrote this book and will no doubt help countless people to deal with grief. I also want to purchase a copy if I may, please.

    1. Hi Margaux. Thank you for the comments. Yes, I have talked to many hospice workers, great thinking! It is for sale on amazon, however if you would like a signed authors copy I will be doing reading and signings in February. 😁

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