Mentionable Mentions

“Don’t just take my word for it, read what others say about the adventures of Chelsea Tolman”

“I cannot remember the last time that I read someone’s work that moved me as much as yours has; I’ve signed up for your email (and I NEVER do that). Your writings should be made part of every Mort Sci curriculum. Brava, dear lady, Brava indeed!” -B

“…You are incredibly talented w/ your writing & gifted w/ the right attitude and caring heart for this profession…” -A

“I have been reading your stories, love them. Beautiful work.” -S

“…. it was the perfect way to softly and gently put my life into perspective…..” -B

“I love these stories” -S

“I enjoy reading about death from your perspective. I sure enjoy your expressions.” -J

“Being raised in a family where my Father was in “The Somber Trade”, as it is called in the excellent book by Thomas Lynch, and having done the job myself, Mbalmergirl’s blog, and now Facebook page, are two of my favorite sites.
The kind, gentle humor, and inciteful commentary bring back memories both pleasant and sad. If you’ve not walked the long slow walk, you can’t imagine that something could be both, but after reading some of the amazing stories this wonderful author has written down for us, you’ll know it’s not only possible but rather common. Having had the privilege of working with a female funeral director almost 30 years ago, I know that this business can be unkind to women, and so my admiration for her perseverance and grace is especially enthusiastic.” -R

“So heartwrenching. I admire the work you do with these families.” -S

“Chelsea, I really enjoy your writing. You are answering a lot of questions for me about the work you do that I have wondered about for a long time. Thanks so much.” -J

“The tears are rolling down my face. Oh my gosh, what an experience!…Whew.” -J

“chelsea_tolman We stumbled upon your blog today and it is truly a revelation, so honest and profound. Our favorite post so far is ‘We Will Always Remember’ – looking forward to reading more. Thank you for sharing your experiences!” -ASD

“Thank you for sharing your stories with us.” -J

“You write so beautifully. I could envision the experience as if I had been there. I’m enjoying the armchair experience. Thank you for sharing your observations and understanding.” -J

“Beautiful story, beautiful” -E

“Seriously – this story just gave my spirit a much needed boost.” -E

“Well done Chelsea Tolman / Embalmer Girl. It is sad that we hear of so many stories like this…” -B