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The media rarely paints a pretty picture of the funeral industry. One bad story very truly affects how the public sees the entire bunch. I love giving the world a small glimpse of the wonderful things we do and how we love to do them. We are not money hungry. Death does not bring us riches and fame. We treasure the simple thank you card like we were handed a million dollars. Our industry requires us to sacrifice and we chose the industry we work in. Our reward is the comfort that we give to the families we serve. There are many funeral directors in the world and all of us have some kind of passion for helping others and I wanted the world to know that, which is why I wrote a book about it.
Families experiences with funeral homes and funeral directors aren’t supposed to be easy, someone you love has died. We understand the tragedy you are faced with and the anger, and grief and sadness you are carrying. Yet we continue to help because we can. We are equipped to be bombarded with questions, cynicism, even anger. The stories I hear about family members who have had a terrible experience with a funeral director, may all be very true, but we do our best in the worst situations… every day.
The next time you hear troubling story regarding the funeral industry, remember the thousands who didn’t do those things, remember the caring and loving people sacrificing for you every day and every night and be glad that we are here and that we are your neighbors.
I love hearing from you, my readers, about how my stories have affected you. Writing these personal stories can be a challenge for me because I remember them, I remember the faces and the death. For the month of December, I will be taking a break from my usual personal stories of serving families and focusing on other great funeral directors that I know. Their stories are important, and I want the world to know them.


  1. So here we are in the Magic Mitten State, reeling from the explosion of disgusting practices from 2 or 3 Funeral Directors. Infant bodies stuffed in false ceilings – bodies left unembalmed and rotting in funeral homes – even the self-styled Queen of Soul was not above having her grand funeral display sullied by a self-proclaimed Funeral Director who has lost his license because of bad practices. It seems that our industry takes a couple Baby-steps forward, only to end up taking giant leaps backwards.

    1. It is true there are many who should never be allowed to serve the dead and their families. These things that we see and hear are truly horrible and we do take baby steps forward only to be pushed back 50 steps by people like these. It is my mission to show the world that there are good, honest, kind and moral funeral directors as well. Thank you Bob, your comments are always welcome, I truly appreciate your insights here.

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