I have explained before that some of my coworkers have a great sense of humor and loved to play practical jokes on me. One of the more common things they did was to pretend to leave at night and then when they knew I was cleaning the building, alone, with the darkness creeping outside, they would sneak in through the back of the building and turn off lights, or turn them on. They would move things that I had already put away or open and close doors. I learned these tricks quickly and of course repaid the favor with antics of my own. It was ongoing to see who could get whom without getting caught. That being said…

One night I was cleaning the building after a late-night visitation. It was dark outside and as I vacuumed the building I would turn off the lights in the rooms I had finished so I knew it was done, kind of my own checks and balances system. So, I was in the main hallway and every door to the adjacent rooms were dark, you could not see inside, the only light on was the hallway that I was working in. I was half way finished with the vacuuming when I thought I heard a shout. I stopped for a second, dismissed it and continued vacuuming. Then I heard the shout again, it sounded like “Stop it!” Irritated, I turned off the vacuum and called out “Hello?” Silence. Again, I called out,” Hello, is somebody there?” Nothing. I was really tired, now irritated and I just wanted to go home! I continued with the vacuuming and again, I heard a shout “Stop it!” A little more forceful this time! Starting to get angry, I turned off the vacuum again and went searching, calling out “Who is there?” I checked all of the rooms, through the back hallways, I turned on all the lights to see if I could find someone hiding from me, nothing. As I walked into the embalming room, there was a man on a table who we had prepared earlier that day. He was dressed and ready to be placed into his casket, as he was to be buried the next day. I had a feeling about him from the first time I saw him, he felt mean, and looked angry. I don’t know if he was mean, I don’t know if he was angry, it’s just that his face had a look like he was mad and the feeling around him was harsh. I asked him if he had yelled at me, giggled to myself because I’m talking to a dead man, turned off the light and left.

As I walked back through the hallway to continue my tasks, some of the lights I had previously turned on were now off. Now I knew it was my coworkers! Someone was there to prank me and I had no time or patience for this tonight! I started calling cell phones to see if I could hear them ringing from a corner and catch my joker. Every one of my coworkers answered their phone, there was no one else was in the building. Baffled and irritated, I went back to my vacuum and turned the switch on, then as clear as ever I heard “Stop it!”, the voice was as if the person was standing right in front of me! I was done, this was too weird. I left the vacuum, turned off the lights in the building and made my way out. As I stormed passed the embalming room, I spoke to the angry man and told him to rest in peace but guaranteed him I would be back in the morning to finish the rest of the vacuuming and he would just have to deal with it! Grrrr, he’s not the only one who was angry that night!

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